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Phone Readings Specials

Phone Readings Specials






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In Office Appointment     951-779-1566

Español  llame 951-224-9885

In Office Appointment     951-779-1566


Español  llame 951-224-9885

Readers Available - Call Now! 9AM - 11PM

Readers Available - Call Now! 9AM - 11PM

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Do you have unanswered questions from the past ?


Do you feel that there is something in your life blocking you that your not able to let go of from the past?


Are you allowing the past to affect your decisions?


Our readings allow us to tap into the past and reveal some hang-ups you might have that hold you back from aligning your true spiritual path in life. Past problems can create blockages in the way you think and feel in your life. Providing understanding and clarity about past situations can help with self-discovery, inner peace, reduction in grief, and can help build a stronger spiritual foundation within yourself so that you can work towards your highest spiritual potential.  

Closure To Your Past

Is the direction i'm headed into the right one for me?


Which city should I move to?


Which direction should I take in my career?


Our services provide peace of mind in important matters such as love, career, family, money and all matters of life. Helping you to pave the path to the most promising future as well as providing the information necessary to keep on the right direction for a clear, focused, and positive future.  

Direction To Your Future

Feeling like your stuck in a cycle?


Is the energy I am carrying good for my future?


Is there anyone who I need to stay away from presently in my life?


Am I with my soulmate?


Am I going to get a raise ?


Revealing insightful information into present situations helps you make soulful positive changes that are needed in life. Our readings help you gain knowledge of the true inner most thoughts and feelings pertaining to other people, places, things and situations and can keep you focused and prepared spiritually for a purposeful driven future.

Solutions To Your Present