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Get a combo of psychic and card reading for $60. Money back guarantee — there's no charge if you're not satisfied.

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Services to unravel the mysteries of your life

Find the truth behind your past, present, and future with our tarot cards

Will I get a raise? Will he ask me out? Is someone against you? Any health issues?

The Tarot Cards are a visual for you as well as for the psychic; a picture says 1,000 words. Cards reveal recent past situations, present situations, and future situations. Most of the time this particular reading will reveal who, what, where, when and why depending on what version you choose, short or long. Focuses on your current energy & situations that are going on at this point in time. Helps you through situations & where it’s leading to. Direction and guidance is given through this type of reading.


You will walk out comfortably with some focus / direction!