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Phone Readings Specials

Phone Readings Specials






Habla Español         99% Accuracy       Establishment for 30 Years

In Office Appointment     951-779-1566

Español  llame 951-224-9885

In Office Appointment     951-779-1566


Español  llame 951-224-9885

Readers Available - Call Now! 9AM - 11PM

Readers Available - Call Now! 9AM - 11PM

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All Readings Are Private & Confident

If it is or isn’t. Will it be or not be. Tarot Card Readings are to the point and very direct. Most significant issues will be revealed. Will answer all questions.

3-4 topics will be discussed.


Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading:

Will help you focus so that you can make better decisions.

Psychic Readings reveal your most significant issues at this time and will pickup outside energies such as: a significant other, husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, children, family memebers, co-workers, ect...


Will help clear your mind if you are in doubt.


Guides you through wise decision making, happier relationships, and healthier lifestyle on your spiritual journey.  


Benefits of a Psychic Reading:

Gain greater understanding and clarity about your connection with others and yourself.

Aura Readings will reveal energies, whether it be a person, place, or thing, that is effecting your emotions, your state of mind, and your overall well being.

Chakra readings will reveal positive and negative energies that effect your inner spirit and how some circumstances/conditions in your energy can sub-consciously influence your spiritual path.  


Benefits of a Chakra Reading:

Through this reading we will help advise you how to help yourself through stress, anxiety, and change. Will tell you what adjustments need to be made to manifest what you truly desire.

Tarot Reading Aura


Card and Psychic $60

99% Accuracy

We offer our fullest satisfaction to our clientele.

Our policy is no charge if not satisfied.

*Special - Limited Time Only*

Psychic Reading


“ Am I Focused ? Am I grounded ? “

“ Are you with the right partner?

“ What do others think about me?”

Are there certain people I should be aware of, positive or negative?”

“Am I right or wrong to feel a certain way about a person or situation?”


“ What is my life path ? ”

Chakra Reading

Tarot Cards

“ Open the Tarot to your Heart  …  Does True Love Await You? ”



Psychic Life Coaching Sessions

“ Am I in the right relationship ? ”

“Is my energy contaminated?"  

"Have I lost any of my energy long the way?”


“ Is my inner spirit in good standing ?”

“ What should I hold onto?   What do I need to let go of ?”

“ How do I find my true self and destiny ?”


Are you attracting more positive or negative in your life?

Serves as a guide to help balance your spiritual awareness and attract better outcomes in all aspects of life.

Benefits of an Aura Reading:

Reminds you how important it is to steer clear from external forces that can hinder your energetic state of being.