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Aura Aura Reading

Experience the difference with our aura readings. Our psychic Anna Marie has 45 years of experience and is the author of astrology works.

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Can I protect or better my current situations? Have I picked up anything negative from others?

Extremely detailed & focused about what energies you give off into the world & what you receive from the world. For instance: career, business, money, & marriage, etc. Answers why certain people are around you, why similar situations keep reoccurring, and what is going on with your karma. Aura readings also consists of energies that you placed yourself in or remove yourself out of. Whether it was positive or not, an aura reading will tell you this. This reading can also tell you if you are on the right path or not and if you are spiritually balanced or are you your worst enemy?


You will have a better understanding about yourself!

Aura Reading